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Skincare and the way we look are two things very important for each of us self esteem. If we look good we feel good also, you can walk through life feeling ok with yourself. Skincare implies using creams, exercising, taking care of your body and most importantly paying attention to your appearance. In our society appearance is crucial. We judge people for how they look and how they dress, this being a good reason to always want more and to improve yourself.

We are influenced very much from celebrities look. Nowadays, the ideal body and the ideal skin we re forced to embrace is the model of 20 years old. Women who not fit in this pattern are inclined to feel ugly and unappreciated. Many women try to change their look even if there is nothing wrong with it, just to get a little bit close to that model of perfection we have in mind.Celebrities always look good because they have an entire staff behind their every appearance , that tries to make them look as better as possible. Normal people like you and me, just try to do the best we can with what we have. Do not let yourself be fooled by celebrities appearance because in their day to day life , they look just as normal people, nothing glamorous and nothing out of the ordinary. Milla Jovovich for example is a known actress, appreciated for her acting skills, showed in many box office movies. Her skin is beautiful, her body shape perfect on short she is amazing. Well, behind this almost natural look, she has many hours spent in the gym, many creams and lotions finished on improving her skin care and many stylists that put in evidence her beautiful features through her flawless make up.

Milla Jovovich is Ukranian and besides being a successful actress she is also a fashion designer, musician and model. She is in this business and leaves the glamorous life of stars since she was eleven and working as a model. She has a natural beauty but skincare and make up also help . Her latest films show her as a hero and as a very powerful woman that knows how to fight, handles guns very well and knows how to take care of herself while still looking exceptional. Milla Jovovich needs lots of months of training to be able to make all the effort required for her fight scenes, so either way she is forced to look good and be in the best shape.

Celebrities have to make twice the effort, because they are always in the public?s attention. Trying to keep up with celebrities is never going to be ok, because they have the money and the time to do anything to look good. this is what they live for this is their job. Milla Jovovich Skincare shows a healthy body a great woman and a very attractive , sexy and wanted female. Inside she is just as any other women, but her statute doesn?t let her live her life the same way as the rest of them.

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